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Alberto Mora Portuguez

A native of Costa Rica, Alberto Mora Portuguez has over thirty years of experience in the nonprofit cooperative business sector throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, as well as postgraduate studies in Management and Marketing.  

His professional experience includes facilitating the development of advocacy strategy plans with national Civil Society movements advocating for reform and change to legislative and regulatory bodies in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Uruguay.

Alberto has extensive experience in the development of technical and methodological tools that improve Civil Society organizations' capacities in advocacy and good governance. He has prepared, developed, and implemented projects aimed at strengthening the capacities of cooperative businesses throughout the Americas. 

A popular speaker, he has presented at over 200 seminars, workshops, and conferences on topics of governance, ethics, and leadership; educational models; as well as social, economic and policy advocacy throughout Latin America. 

As an Education and Training Coordinator at Cooperatives of the Americas, he was in charge of organizing and presenting more than 400 seminars and workshops on cooperative identity, opportunities, and potential. He also worked as Talent and Development Manager promoting youth empowerment activities.

Alberto is the author of several books in Spanish published by Cooperatives of the Americas including the Guide for Preparing Advocacy Plans,  Good Governance in Cooperatives Handbook, Methodological Tool for Cooperative Education, and several regional studies on cooperatives in Latin America. 

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