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Civil Society represents a wide array of social organizations that serve as catalysts and engines in the process of economic and social development. For USAID, the World Bank, and other international development agencies, these organizations are essential strategic partners in the fight against global poverty and social injustice. 

Worldwise Civil Society Consultancy works with international development institutions to empower NGOs and civil society organizations to achieve their full potential as catalysts and partners in local socio-economic development initiatives.  We bring over 25 years of experience working in both international development and membership-based CSOs including trade, professional and philanthropic associations, foundations, and nonprofit cooperative and mutual enterprises.  Working together with our client partners, including private voluntary organizations (PVOs), international NGOs, and international development consulting firms, we provide solutions for:

  • Collaborative initiatives and projects

  • Organizational capacity-building

  • Strategic and management consulting

  • Public speaking engagements

Currently, we offer our services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Learn more about our services and consultants below or contact us directly at info@worldwiseconsultant.com. ​



We co-create, design and implement collaborative initiatives and projects involving groups,  organizations, and other partners to meet clients' specific needs and objectives.  

We design and implement nonprofit management 

capacity-building to strengthen local partner institutions for long-term sustainability and impact. 

We help boards of directors and staff work together to review mission, vision, and values and develop a strategic plan to take their nonprofit organization forward.

We provide customized keynotes and talks on topics that resonate with your audience. As speakers or panelists, we offer  inspirational, thought-provoking, and informative presentations in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 





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