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Civil Society Capacity-Building

Strengthening the capacity of local Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners implementing local development initiatives is critical for success. We work with clients to identify and assess the management challenges and needs of CSO partners, then develop intervention strategies as appropriate for the target country environment. We deliver training both online and in person.

For example, non-dues revenue income from products and services is critical to long-term sustainability that empowers CSOs to achieve their mission and goals.  Below is an example of a course currently in development.

Association Non-Dues Revenue: A Guide to Getting Everyone on Board

Designed and developed by change management expert, Dr. Laurie Ford, Ph.D., this 74-page guidebook and course are designed to help association executives and board members explore the idea of adding new non-dues revenue streams to boost the bottom line. The course delivers advice and assistance based on years of experience in successful association revenue change in the US, which is localized as appropriate for the target country environment.  It includes methods for engaging association managers and staff, understanding where to begin, and making the right decisions for your unique organization. For improving member value, revenue growth, and effective change, this guidebook includes the following topics:

  • Eight dimensions of uniqueness – what makes your association special?

  • The risks of three not-for-profit mindsets;

  • It’s not just about revenue – build your three capacities for a strong future;

  • What is the shape of the changes you need to make?  See the seven scope questions; and

  • How to create a “leadership retreat” to launch the change – and what to do next.

This guidebook includes exploration of revenue options to choose from and insights on what works – and what doesn’t work – in selecting and implementing non-dues revenue changes.


How can we help you meet your needs for capacity building?  Contact us at

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