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Collaborative Initiatives and Projects

We help co-create, design and implement collaborative initiatives and projects involving groups, organizations, and other partners to meet clients' specific needs and objectives.


Case study example: Enabling Legal and Regulatory Environment Initiative

An example of such a collaborative project is the Cooperative Law and Regulation Initiative (CLARITY), which involved eight U.S. international cooperative development organizations of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council. Funded by USAID, CLARITY provides analytic tools, resources, and processes to help national cooperative leaders bring about cooperative legal and regulatory reform.

In one project, we worked with these eight organizations to develop a step-by-step advocacy development process along with a practical guide using their collective experiences, best practices, and tools in cooperative advocacy from around the world. We conducted interactive workshops to capture this content and synthesized it into a user-friendly and visually attractive format, resulting in the publication Cooperative Advocacy: A Practical Guide for Advocating Cooperative and Legal Regulatory Reform.      

In separate projects in Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador (currently in progress), we worked with NCBA CLUSA International to provide technical assistance for a legal and regulatory assessment of their respective national cooperative laws. We recruited qualified in-country lawyers, conducted sectoral research, developed a stakeholder assessment tool, reviewed CLARITY scorecard analysis, wrote final reports, and presented final results in a seminar with cooperative leaders, nationally elected leaders, regulators, and funders.  


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